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Tips For People With Disabilities, Parents and Carers.  All Sorts Of Websites You May Not Have Heard Of



A Solution Shared

A Solution Shared
Website: www.asolutionshared.com.au






All Abilities Playground Project - Queensland

Website: All Abilities Playground Project - Queensland


 Able Radio


Able Radio
Phone number: (08) 454090294
Website: www.ableradio.com



Auslan Shop 

Auslan Shop

Phone number: (07)33578266
Website: www.auslanshop.com.au
 Aussie Kids Parenting Publication

Aussie Kids Parenting Publication
Phone number: (07)38064611
Website: www.aussiekids.net.au




Braille Library
Phone Number: (07)38485257

Body Cycles Australia

Body Cycles Australia
Phone number:
Website: www.bodycyclesaustralia.com.au



 Calming Kids Australia

ā€ˇCalming Kids Australia
Phone number: 0439 958048

 Care Cure Community

Care Cure Community Forum
Website: http://sci.rutgers.edu/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=21

LogoDisabilitylifestyles Disability Lifestyles
Website: www.disabilitylifestyles.org.au
 Disability Online Disability Online
Website: www.disabilityonline.org.au

Disability Parking Permit Scheme Disability Parking Permit Scheme
Phone number: (07)38342011 OR 132380
Website: www.tmr.qld.gov.au/travel-and-transport/Disability-access-and-mobility/Disability-Parking-Permit-Scheme.aspx
 LogoEbility E-bility - Online Resources
Website: www.e-bility.com


Equestrian Foundation for Disabled Children
Phone number: (07) 32026300
Website: www.efdc.com.au

 GOMA GOMA - Children's Art Centre
Website: www.qag.qld.gov.au/kids


Hands Can Talk


Hands Can Talk
Phone number: (02)98248332
Website: www.handscantalk.com.au

Help Kidz Learn 

Help Kidz Learn - Online Games
Website: www.helpkidzlearn.com

Helping Hand Is Here Helping Hand Is Here
Website: www.helpinghandishere.com.au
Homes West Association Inc Homes West Association Inc
Phone number: (07) 3278237807
Website: www.homeswest.org.au

Job Access Job Access
Phone number: 1800464800
Website: www.jobaccess.gov.au
 Karni Liddell Karni Liddell
Website: www.karniliddell.com

Lyn Rowe Project, The
Website: www.thelynroweproject.com.au
 Movement Solutions Movement Solutions
Phone number: (07)33242490





My Community Directory
Website: www.mycommunitydirectory.com.au


My Nappies



My Nappies
Phone number: 1300 855 016
Website: www.mynappies.com.au





Phone number: 1800806769
Website: www.nican.com.au


Noah's Ark

Noah's Ark
Phone Number: (07)33912166
Website: www.noahsark.net.au







Phone Number: (07)55632844
Website: www.peppertown.com.au



 Philanthropy Australia

Philanthropy Australia
Phone number: (03)96629299
Website: www.philanthropy.org.au

Priory Woods Priory Woods School - Education Games
Website: www.priorywoods.middlesbrough.sch.uk
Prompt Education Prompt Education
Phone number: 0415945422
Website: www.prompteducation.com

Queensland Kids Queensland Kids
Website: www.queenslandkids.org
 Queenslanders With Disability Network Queenslanders With Disability Network
Phone number: (07)32528566
Website: www.qdn.org.au

Quentin.com.au Quentin
Website: www.quentin.com.au
Ramp Up on ABC Ramp Up on ABC
Website: www.abc.net.au/rampup

Running For Premature Babies

Running For Premature Babies
Phone number: 0410620149

Website: www.runningforprematurebabies.com
 Sensory World Sensory World
Website: www.sensoryworld.org

Special Care Clothing 



Special Care Clothing
Phone number: 1300780755
Website: www.specialcareclothing.com.au


Phone Number:(07)38086833
Website: www.spectronicsinoz.com


 Still Walking By Bill Moss

Still Walking By Bill Moss
Website: www.stillwalking.com.au


 Sunshine Coast Children's Therapy Centre

Sunshine Coast Children's Therapy Centre
Phone number: (07)54417199

Website: www.scctc.org.au


The McIntyre Centre The McIntyre Centre
Phone number: (07)32026300
Website: www.rda.asn.au
Wilkins International Pty Ltd

Wilkins International Pty Ltd
Phone number: (03)98741033