Dominic's Heart Journey

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Dominic's Heart Journey

Dominic Has Only Ever Wanted Three Things. Find Out What They Are

My 12 week scan went well and nothing appeared wrong with our baby, we found out we were having our fourth boy. At the 20 week scan I told my husband not to come as we had done it many times before and it was just a standard appointment. The lady took forever doing it, she told me she was having trouble taking the measurements as the baby was moving ( a lie) so she left the room then came back and said all done.

I went to pay and the nurse at the desk asked if I was ok? I said yes and she said that I needed to go straight up to see my Doctor now and the scan will be sent right up. I asked why and she said all will be explained there, so off I went and while waiting the scan arrived and they handed it to me to take in, I opened it and read the report that my baby had a complex heart condition.

I burst into tears and when I saw my doctor he said I needed to see a cardiologist right away and I hopped into my car and drove to the Mater hospital. Darren turned up and another hour of ultrasounds by three doctors who said nothing my husband left to pick up the other kids. I was told my baby had half a heart and a whole list of other problems and had less than one percent chance of making it to birth, I was advised to abort five times that afternoon.

I was told the best chance was to fly down to Melbourne and have him down there. We couldn't do that so he was born in Brisbane and was rushed to the Prince Charles hospital where he had his first two operations done. Dominic was a fighter, every procedure would turn pear shaped, a simple cath and he would have a bleed out, he arrested too many times to recall, he caught every bug in the hospital so he would be discharged from Prince Charles on a Friday and be admitted to the Royal Children's by the Monday.

At 18 months old he was eating pizza at the table with his brothers and fell off his chair (on 08-08-08) and had a stroke, we were told it was such a big clot on his brain his chances of full recovery were slim. Today Dominic has totally recovered all functions. In 2010 we met the surgeon to talk about doing his completion of the Fontan and it was agreed to do it early the next year before winter so he could be fit and ready for school in 2012.

In Jan 2011 he had a cath and was told all is good and to go ahead and book a date which suited us. I made an appointment to meet with the new surgeon and book his operation for straight after Easter. Since it was just a met and greet, again I told my husband not to bother coming and in I went. I walked in and sat down, the surgeon asked if I knew much about Dom's condition which I said yes and he said that at this stage with all the information he has that he can't offer me anything for Dominic and that surgery isn't an option.

I walked out feeling like I had been hit by a truck again, luckily a girlfriend with her little girl were there for their appointment and we went down stairs for a coffee, I kept looking at Dominic across the table thinking how many weeks do we have left together, I won't get to see him start school, get married and enjoy life, how can I explain this to his three older brothers that Dom won't be here with us next Christmas. I got angry!

The next day after I cooled off, I asked for his file to be sent to Melbourne for a second opinion (if your car breaks down you get a second opinion so why not for operations) and after reviewing his file they accepted to do it. I decided to take Melbourne's offer and we went down in October, Dominic flew through it and for the first time we didn't have too many complications.

On 22-01-12 Dominic turned five, I had planned to have a huge party to celebrate this huge mile stone in all of our lives, but in the end I wanted this precious moment to be private. All Dominic has ever wanted to be is "normal" Dominic has only ever wanted three things which are to have his first ever sleepover, which he did, he wants to play soccer and he is now signed up to do so and he wanted to go to school, which he started prep this year.

Never say never to a parent of a heart child. Many of the friends that Dominic has met in hospital have passed away and I'm sure they are all standing behind him cheering him on. The one thing he loved about been in hospital was he got this very cool gift bag which gave him many hours of fun and entertainment, so thanks to Precious Hearts for putting a smile on a little boys face when even his mother couldn't.


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