WheelAdventures Sidecar Tours On The Sunshine Coast

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Wheel Adventures

James Loughran Tells Us About A Wheely Great Innovation Of His, WheelAdventures On Queensland's Sunshine Coast

Hi, my name is James Loughran and I'm the owner operator of WheelAdventures - Sidecar tours for everyone!

I was born in Sydney but now live on Queensland's beautiful Sunshine Coast with my wife Sue, our son Thomas and my wife's parents.

I have been riding motorbikes since I was 18 years old (about 26 years ago now!). About 6 years ago, I had the idea of building a motorcycle sidecar that could provide an opportunity for people in wheelchairs to share the experience and freedom of motorcycling.

A dear friend of mine, Rita who had been in an electric wheelchair for many years before she recently passed away, has been a large part of my inspiration for starting WheelAdventures.

WheelAdventures has been operating on the Sunshine Coast since 2008 and is the only motorcycle tour business of it's kind in Australia.

Whilst we specialise in wheelchair accessible tours, our sidecar is equally suitable for everyone! Provided you know how to have FUN.

A bit more about the sidecar... it was purpose built in Bathurst, New South Wales by SRK Engineering, a business specialising in custom built sidecars.

I wanted the sidecar to achieve three things:

1. it had to be safe

2. it had to be practical

3. ... and it had to look good!

Through innovative design, careful attention to detail and access to experienced professionals, the sidecar has achieved all of these requirements:

▪ The completed motorcycle sidecar system has been thoroughly tested in all conditions and

   situations resulting in full accreditation and registration through Queensland Transport

▪ The sidecar has performed to all expectations of safety, comfort and enjoyment

▪ Insurance conditions and requirements have been met and full business and liability insurance

   is in place

My wife and father-in-law (who is 78 and has been disabled for some years now) doubled as crash test dummies and now regularly enjoy this unique, shared experience...as does my son, Thomas who enjoys spins around the backyard with his Grandpa!

As I mentioned, the sidecar is perfect for everyone and anyone and we are well equipped to cater for any special needs.

To Find Out More Visit www.wheeladventures.com.au Or Follow This Link:



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