Road Test - The Kool Stride Sports Buggy

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Road Test - The Kool Stride Sports Buggy

The Kool Stride Sports Buggy : A Touch Of Coolangatta Gold


Coolangatta, Queensland, Australia. It's an aptly named place to road test the Kool Stride Sports Buggy.

These are made in Taiwan for Kool Stop International, a company based in the US. Traditionally, they make bicycle parts, most famously disc brakes, which is where the company name stems from. However, you wont find the Kool Stride listed at their website, it's best to check out Medifab or Special Needs Solutions.

Coolangatta is at the southern end of the Gold Coast, right up against the New South Wales border. The border actually bisects the runway at Coolangatta Airport, takes a right hander and grants a thin strip of beach and surf to Queensland. When you visit, it's not hard to see who got the better end of the deal.   In some of the streets behind the main beach area, you can actually place a wheel or leg on either side of the border.

Officially, there is a summer daylight savings time change on the NSW side but most people seem to ignore that and operate as Queenslanders (don't tell them in Macquarie Street down in Sydney). If you're from the southern states or elsewhere in the world where you have daylight savings, you may feel you're missing out on an extra hour. No real problem, pretend you're a Queenslander and you'll find yourself waking up earlier during summer. Sunrise happens around 4:45am.

Also, it's here that Surf Life Saving Australia hold a yearly event called Coolangatta Gold, a 46Km ocean swim, surf-ski, board paddle and run. Their motto is; Share The Pain.

Jaden and I were up early and decided to put in a bit of Koolangatta Gold of our own with the Kool Stride Buggy. The unit is an air pumped three wheeler and is made of light weight material. It's easy to fold down with the clicking of two buttons on either side but does take up a bit of room in the car.

It's a convertible with a fold out roof for when the weather turns rough. The front wheel is fixed, so steering requires a lift and swivel movement. It's pretty lightweight so very easy to get the knack. The seat belt is the over-shoulder and lap sash arrangement to keep your excited pilot in place.

Australian Brush Turkey

It glides smoothly across a flat surface, like the walkway from Coolangatta that runs to Snapper Rocks, the southern most point of Queensland coast. It's here you'll encounter the not so elusive, Australian brush turkey. These never find their way to the Christmas table in Australia. However, if you find yourself hankering for one, the best recipe is to boil water with herbs over a campfire. Place the bird in the pot with two stones. When the stones are soft, the turkey will be ready.

We also put the buggy through its paces in the rough and tumble of the sand, the rear carer engine does have to work a bit harder and it's a good idea to select a lower gear before you get into the soft stuff. Just like a 4WD, keep the tire pressure a little lower than normal as this will allow the rubber to spread a little more over the surface sand.

It's a machine built for speed, ideal for Mum's and Dad's who are into jogging and want to include the younger children in the activity, it's designed to hold children up to 10 years of age. The buggy will suit any child, however, if your child has special needs, make sure you get an assessment by your physiotherapist or occupational therapist before purchase.

For the latest in costing, please contact Medifab or Special Needs Solutions below. We funded this one through the equipment funding program at FSG Australia, a Queensland based provider. Please check with your local state or territory for funding options or check-out our growing resource directory listing for ideas.

Happy buggying and always remember the five sunsmart steps; your sun protective clothing, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses and seek out shade.

Performance and Handling - As this is a very long unit, it does take a bit of navigation when you go into built-up areas like cafes and shopping malls. Need to have a fairly sizable car to transport it from place to place.

Maintenance - Keep it clean from sand or mud, wash after usage to avoid corrosion on working parts. It is an all terrain machine but I'd suggest keeping it well out of any surf. Don't forget to care for the rear engine.

Rear Engine - 1 x carer power with a split differential for heavy sand terrain.


Wheels Over The Border Coolangatta By Night
Surf At Snapper Rocks Jaden in Kool Stride On The Sand


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