Orthopaedic Shoes - Help You To Step Out

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Orthopaedic Shoes - Help You To Step Out

Revival Of Cobbling Meets Contemporary Orthopaedic Design.

Orthopaedic shoes have come a long way in the last few years. Fashionable, chic and incognito.  While these boots made for Jaden aren’t anti-gravity, they will get him through just about any situation. They have a longer and stronger heel counter and carbon fibre shank to prevent them from being too heavy, unlike their ankle-foot orthotic (AFO) counterparts.

Wearing these handsome boots that combine both comfort and style, I imagine Jaden as a modern-day Gregory Peck; suave, sophisticated and practical.

They are custom made on site for children or adults by GB Orthopaedics in Brisbane, Queensland. Pricing depends on the system the referring hospital has in place and should be investigated by the patient or carer. However, costing of a typical shoe such as this one would be around $395. There is extra costing if the patient requires foot orthotics.

"As this is a new range and new to us this has come about from pure demand from parents," Brad George, Managing Director of GB Orthopaedics says. "If patients find a design or style take a photo and send it to us I am sure our very talented shoemaker will be able to make them."

Range : Ladies. Mens. Children.

Color: Any.

Pair with a vest, shorts, and a floppy hat.







Jaden Models Orthopaedic Shoes

Orthopaedic Shoes

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