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123Three good reasons, why our book You Are Not Alone - A Carer's Journey is free.

Since starting this project, we always envisaged that this book should be given out freely to parents and carers throughout Queensland hospitals, via respite service providers and be made available for download via this website.  We hope that some of the information, notably the federal based services, can be used Australia wide but please cross-check with your relevant state government or authority. Please drop us a quick note via our facebook page with any information you find contradictory or that can be improved.


Having experienced the trauma of hospital first-hand, we know you probably don't have the energy to go to a book store and make a purchase. You need the information whilst you're there in the hospital system. Distributing the book this way is the most efficient method to get it to you. Upon receiving a diagnosis, we know all too well that helpless feeling of now what? We hope the book gives you some of the answers to that question or is enough to kick-start your quest.


Being carers and disabled, we tend to gravitate toward the lower end of the socio-economic spectrum as our ability to earn becomes impaired. Most of us are on some form of a disability support pension or carer's payment. At the end of the fortnight, every dollar counts in the current economy.


Since becoming NSW disability fugitives and migrating north over the border to Queensland, Tanya, Jaden and I wanted to put something back into the state.  We'd been shown a lot of kindness and financial support from the people of Queensland and felt it was time to return the favour.  We hope this goes some way toward the welcome we’d received.

We at info4carers do not wish to receive any financial proceedings from the book or website.  However, these things do cost money to produce and we have been lucky in finding the Cerebral Palsy League of Queensland to cover the finances required for printed copies and distribution. The first five chapters have been edited and have been made availble in PDF format from this website.  There will be a further five chapters to come. Anyone wishing to sponsor the book please contact the CPL of Queensland at their website, www.cplqld.org.au.

CPLQld do also accept general donations of which $2 or more are tax deductible. In this, please consider donations to the other charitable organisations and respite service providers listed in our resource directory area. These organisations do great work and are always in need of funding and support.

You Can Order A Copy of The Book from Cerebral Palsy League of Qld

Pre-Order A Copy of The Book from Cerebral Palsy League of Qld


You Are Not Alone - A Carer's Journey

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