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And Finally We'd Like To Thank...


You Are Not Alone - A Carer's Journey There are many people that we would like to thank for making You Are Not Alone - A Carers Journey possible..


To all children with disabilities and chronic illness, thank you for being our inspiration.

To Peta Wheatherley, thank you for all your support and help with presentations and workshops. Without your help, we could not have made it this far.

To Mary Mckinnon, thank you for your wonderful support. Your visionary role as a complex care coordinator at the Mater Hospital has inspired us to help fellow carers take control of their own journey.

Rohan de Pallant, thank you for the time you took formatting the book and Anne Duggan, thanks for your editorial input.

We would also like to thank our contributors and supporters: Heidi Gray, Jo Munro, Francesca Durtnell, QCH Family Advisory Council, Renee and Howard Duggan, Suzanne White, Michelle Edwards, Annabel Morwood, Bridget McElwain and Lisa Lawson.

David Marler and Gareth Dennis have done a wonderful job designing the web site that hosts the book and provides additional information on resources and services for parents and carers.

We would like to give a special mention to our sponsors the Cerebral Palsy League and Shine Lawyers. Thank you to the Cerebral Palsy League for your help with editing, designing and printing the book.

Thank you to Shine Lawyers for your generous support and helping to make the book possible.

We would like to acknowledge Carers Queensland for providing us with resources and allowing us to have meetings at their office. We also appreciate the assistance of Queensland Government departments and other organisations that have helped us to develop this book.

We would like to thank all the parents who have shared their stories with us. Thank you for allowing us to share your journey with others.

This book could not be completed without the support from our fellow carers and our family.

All chapters of You Are Not Alone - A Carer's Journey are now complete and uploaded here to the website. You can pre-order a copy by visiting the CPL League of Qld at the following link and completing the web form:

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